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The Sifu

Sifu is a Cantonese term for "instructor" or "master" and also has the connotation of "father". It is a title that denotes respect towards the person addressed as Sifu. This title is commonly used in Chinese martial arts, the equivalent of the Japanese "Sensei".

Traditionally, a person does not proclaim himself as a Sifu, this is a title that you earn throughout the years of practicing and mastering a style, this is a very respectful title in the martial arts world, this kind of title is an honor that is commonly bestowed upon a person by others.

Ronald Mesia


Leung zhang wei


"I spend part of my childhood watching Bruce Lee movies, playing Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter, with Liu Kang and Fei Long my favorite characters. I dreamed of practicing martial arts, but unfortunately, my mother could not afford to pay the school fees due to our poor financial situation. In 8th grade, I used to walk home after school with two of my best friends, Chris and Gui. One day while talking about martial arts, they invited me to join them to practice Kung Fu in a community recreation center close to our school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ever since I began practicing martial arts, I became more and more interested in continuing to practice and learn different styles. In 2006, I started practicing the Mao Ying Kuen style, under the teaching of Sigung Edvalson Ferreira (Leung Shan Hu).  

I have always been eager to deepen my knowledge. Because of this, I started to study several martial arts, philosophy, and religious books; that's when I started my book collection. The more I read the more curious about the different styles of martial arts I became. This interest led me to begin practicing Sanda and Kuai Jaio. In 2011, I moved to the United States, and I made a promise to my Sifu of continuing to practice and keep his teaching with me. In 2014, I returned to Brazil to take the black belt exam, and I graduated as a martial arts instructor.  

After mastering the traditional and modern styles, I realized I wanted to learn more. It was never about knowing a variety of things, but it is about thinking about how much can I learn from the same source? Considering that 90% or maybe 100% of Chinese martial arts styles were born in Shaolin, and one style normally descends from another style, we can conclude they are all connected, but each style is unique and different. Wanting to uphold as much experience as I could carry in my martial arts background I continued expanding my knowledge.

Some people have no experience in sparring, competitions, or self-defense in real-life situations combat, which they say the "TRADITION" prevent them to do so, they also prevent their students from expanding their knowledge, they are like blind leading a blind, and both shall fall into the ditch, one of the excuses they have is: "In Kung Fu, there is no need for sparring, or competing, there is no need to prove anything, your kung fu will be there whenever you need it." So, my question is, By only flying an airplane simulator on the computer can someone be considered a good pilot? It is impossible to apply what you learn if you do not approach reality, challenging people for your vainglory is to be foolish, but taking every opportunity in training respectfully to master your technique is to be wise. "Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own." -- Bruce Lee. Kung Fu is not about fighting better, is about living better, as Bruce Lee also said "- "Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do." Fantasy and reality are two completely different things.

I cannot be good at Tai Chi, by only practicing Wing Chun. I had to look for a Tai Chi master to teach me the real essnece of this style. After careful evaluation and research, I found my Sifu in south Florida. Learning Tai Chi from the best was an honor. Sifu Rafael Rivero (Rafael Qian), a student of Grandmaster Qian Lan Gen (钱兰根) and Grandmaster Zang Zhi Guo (臧治国), accepted me as a disciple and taught me Tai Chi, Qi Gong the Yang and Chen Style. In 2021, I graduated as a Tai Chi instructor. 

A few months after studying under Sifu Rafael, I had the desire to learn Wing Chun. I had the great opportunity of meeting one of Sifu Didier Beddar's students in Miami, Florida, who taught me Beddar's, Wing Chun. Together with Sifu Rafael, and the Wing Chun instructor, we organized the first Wing Chun Seminar with Sifu Beddar in Miami in 2018. After this event, we planned to bring Beddar for a Wing Chun Seminar every year. After years of practicing and many conversations, Sifu Beddar authorized me to spread his Wing Chun style in America, promoting his Workshop and Seminars in the United States. 

In 2016, together with Sifu Leung Shan Hu, we officially opened the Mao Ying Kuen International Federation to respectfully carry the tradition and martial art styles from different lineages. As the federation's president, I have been working closely with other sifus from different parts of the world that are now part of our martial art family. In 2021, Sifu Lincoln Albuquerque, president of the Brazilian Wushu Sanda Federation (Federação Brasileira de Wushu Sanda) and direct representative of the International Wushu Sanda Federation, appointed me as an Ambassador of this entity in the United States of America. In this same year, I was granted as a representative of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in the United States, founded in 1967 by Yip Man in Hong Kong. I feel honored to be the Yip Man's third-generation lineage.

I had the opportunity to practice under some of the most experienced martial artists and masters such as Sifu Mark Stas from Wing Flow, Sifu Didier Beddar, Si Tai Gung Leung Jiu Mao, Sifu Singh from Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association, and Sifu Lidio Fernandes who represents the CBKW (Confederação Brasileira de Kungfu Wushu). Also, Sifu Diego de Souza, student of grandmaster Roger C. Soo, Sifu Lincoln Albuquerque, president of Brazilian Wushu Sanda Federation, and last Sifu Garry Hearfield, a student of grandmaster Doo Wai."




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Sifu Diego de Souza

Sifu Lincoln Albuquerque

Sifu Singh

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