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ROGER C. SOO's legacy

Grandmaster Roger C. Soo is a martial arts specialist with over 48 years of practice in the Shuai Chiao Kung Fu style, he reveals that the system begins with four simple points, the basic movements, practice with partners, support, and combat exercises.

He was born in 1942, he began his martial arts career with Chang Tung Sheng at the age of 13 years old, he continued training and perfecting himself, when in 1957 he entered a sequence of national championships of Shuai Chiao, becoming undefeated for 4 years. Where he also participated in Taiwan provincial games.


Roger c. soo

In 1956 he became assistant coach of Shuai Chiao Baoding Sanshou Kuai Jiao at the Central Police College, FHK Military College and Military Special Forces Unit where he remained until 1967.

He continued teaching Shuai Chiao to the military until he turned 65 years old, his career was undoubtedly full and complete with self-defense combat experience. The Shuai Chiao style goes far beyond the art of grabbing, and throws. The essence of Shuai Chiao is much deeper than many think it is, and Grandmaster Roger Soo always knew how to pass that on with excellence.

Now at 75 years old, he is proud that he never stopped teaching Grandmaster Chang's Shuai Chiao Baoding Sanshou Kuai Jiao!

"Our Shuai Chiao Baoding Sanshou Kuai Jiao is my second life in my life!" (Grand Master Roger Soo).


Diego de Souza

Sifu Diego de Souza Rodrigues Dolotero was born in November of 1991. With focus and determination in his first six months of practicing, he achieved his graduation as a gray belt. What unleashed an immense desire to grow and overcome his own challenges, becoming who knows one day a champion, and in this way it was evolving and reaching other graduations. 

After seven years, Sifu Diego achieves his graduation as a black belt, creating his next goal, which would be the achievement of having his own martial arts school, which only in two months he had been achieved. In 2010 Sifu  Diego de Souza received from Sifu Josenir Silva the Black Belt in the HUNG GAR and Sanda style as well, and on April of 2010 Sifu Diego de Souza founded his own martial arts association called "Associação Filhos do Tiger of Shuai Jiao – Kung fu."

After more four years of training and improvement, he receives from Grandmaster Li Wing Kay the Black Belt titles of 1st Duan in SHUAI JIAO in the TIENSIN style and in the style of Grand Master Daniel Weng the BAODING style too. In 2017 Sifu Diego de Souza goes to Taiwan – with the invitation of Grandmaster Roger Soo, direct disciple of Grandmaster Chang Tung Sheng, and Grandmaster Kamal Alim Secretary General of World Baoding Sanshou Kuai Jiao Federation. Sifu Diego de Souza was invited to train the SHUAI CHIAO BAODING (Kuai Jiao) style of the Chang Tung Sheng family, and in the course of his training, Sifu Diego de Souza stood out and drew more attention from Grand Master Roger Soo, because his humility and resilience, Grand Master Roger Soo accepted Sifu Diego de Souza as his disciple and named him the only official representative of Grand Master Roger Soo in Brazil. Sifu Diego de Souza receives the title of Master and his graduation to Black Belt 5th Deng in Shuai Chiao Baoding, and was authorized to found the Brazil Shuai Chiao Baoding Sanshou Kuai Jiao Federation with the objective of disseminating the Shuai Chiao Baoding style of Grand Master Chang Tung Sheng among martial artists in Brazil, with the recognition of World Shuai Chiao Baoding Sanshou Kuai Jiao Federation.

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