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QIAN LAN GEN's legacy

Sigung Qian supervises the main kung fu schools in the province of Shanghai. With a vast knowledge of all styles of kung fu, both the external force Wai Kung Pai, and the internal energy Chi Kung, is an authentic authority in the world. Sigung Qian Lan Gen (钱兰根) captivated the Shaolin Hui Tou who works on vital points such as endocrine glands (the yoga chakras). These vital points are the ones similar to batteries, they cumulate energies fundamentally benefiting health, by providing greater resistance and power, to all techniques of the different styles of martial arts, or providing extra energy for the practice of other sports which makes the style the ideal complement for the external strength styles such as karate, Kempo, Wai Kung Pai, or Tae Kwon Do. The master Qian Lan Gen dominates all the Shaolin Kung Fu weapons, some of them never seen in our environment. He is also an expert in acupuncture.


The Qian Family is one of the oldest most dedicated to martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, and Chi Kung, in which knowledge is transmitted from parents to children. It was established in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1985, by the hand of Grandmaster Qian Lan Gen, the 13th generation of the Qian family. In his home country, he was the founder and director of the Chi Kung School: We To Kung. Grandmaster Qian is one of the first masters to bring Kung Fu to Argentina he is also Certified and Recognized by the Chinese Wushu Association.

Qian Lan gen

He is the author of numerous books and writings, being considered a "living dictionary" and holding the Tat Se degree of Grand Master. He has been teaching for several years with his son Qian Bin Ge.

Master Qian Lan Gen, founder of the Mien Chuen school. Mien Chuen is an internal style, originating in the capital Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China. He is currently dedicated to the practice and teaching of Tai Chi, Wushu, and traditional Qi Gong. It is recognized by the Chinese Wushu Association. The style is developed by the Qian family, one of the oldest dedicated to martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, and Qi Gong, in which knowledge is passed from father to son. It was established in Buenos Aires in 1985, by the hand of Grandmaster Qian Lan Gen, 33rd generation of the family. In his home country, he was the founder and director of the Qi Gong School: We To Kung. He is considered as a martial arts dictionary alive because of his deep knowledge in Kung Fu, with the rank of Grandmaster, dedicated to his son Qian Bin Gen belonging to the 34th generation. Today the Qian Bin Ge is preserved by 9 direct disciples, who generated the 35th generation of the Qian family in Argentina, who together with the other instructors of the school continue to spread the family style.


Qian Lan gen


Qian Lan gen

Zhang Zhi Guo

Sigung Zhan Zhi Guo was born in Jian Xu Province. He began practicing Wushu (Kung Fu) at age 4 under his Grandfather first studying the family style called Lio Ji Chuan, which means the 6 techniques together, about the spear, the main weapon of the style. In addition, his father taught the Xing Yi Quan style, (fist of and will), Shui Jiao, (Chinese fight), and combat. In addition, his family conserves the ancient forms of the Tai Chi Tiger style of Pei Fa Quan and the forms of the monk's style. What makes him the heir of ancient martial traditions.

At age 12 he joins the Jian Xu Olympic team, where he immediately stands out, obtaining in the 1964 national championships the first positions in different disciplines, mainly the spear. In the 80's he has recorded many martial arts movies in China.

He is based in Argentina ever since 1993, and since then it promotes the practice of the right Wushu, because "bad practice makes people sick", such his words.

He is currently the heir of the JING SAN school (Golden Mountain), which he inherits from his father and precisely promotes these principles, based primarily on Taoism and Wu Dan schools.


"Wushu is for health and self defense  also to be practiced correct, it is necessary to preserve it, that's why wushu is the most precious treasure of the Chinese Nation."

Sigung Zhang Zhi Guo





For over 34 years, Sifu Rafael has devoted his life to mastering martial arts, competing, coaching, and judging. He teaches Traditional Kung Fu & Contemporary Wushu, Chinese weaponry, Sanda/Sanshou (Chinese boxing), Wing Chun, and Tai Chi & Qigong. He coaches international, national, and regional competitors on to winning gold medals and overall grand-champion medals. Sifu Rafael includes elements of all the styles he has mastered into his classes, for beginner to advanced students of all ages. As Sifu, 7th Duan Rafael Qian Rivero is 14th generation family from the ancient and renowned Qian family of Chinese martial artist, as a direct disciple of 13th generation 9th Duan Sigung Dr. Qian Lan Hen, who resides in Argentina since 1985. Also, student of sigung Zhang Zhi Guo. As Instructor/Sifu, Sifu Rafael has been teaching in the United States since 2001 Wushu Kung Fu, Tai Chi QiGong, Florida International University, YMCA Broward County, Community programs; Private coaching/ lessons, and also in his school Florida Wushu Kung Fu Academy in Hollywood, South Florida.

• 8th Duan Wushu Kungfu & Tai Chi Chuan
• 5th Dan Black Belt Muay Thai & Kickboxing
• 3rd Dan Black Belt Self Defense & Light Contact
• 1st Black Belt Viet Vo Dao
• USA National Wushu Team, South Florida Coach, 2010
• Delegate to China, USAWKF/ IWUF USA National Wushu Team:   4th World Traditional Wushu Championship, 2010
• 25 Gold Medals: Internationals, Pan American, Latin American.
• Argentina National Kung Fu Wushu 1995,1996 &1997

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