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Take this opportunity to meet the members of Mao Ying Kuen International federation. This page serves to exhibit members of our gōngfu family. All members of Chi Wu Men are masters certified or instructors certified, capable of representing our clan to carry on our lineage. Our entity is located in the United Stated of America, Brazil, Mexico, and Italy.

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Sifu Leung Zhang Wei  梁張威

Sifu Leung Zhang Wei (Ronald Mesia) is the President of the Mao Ying Kuen International Federation and the Ambassador of the International Wushu Sanda Federation of the United States of America, and also, the representative of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association of the United States founded by Yip Man. Sifu Leung Wei is Yip Man's third generation. Also, he has over 16 years of experience in Chinese Martial arts. In 2011, he made a promise to his Sifu, while becoming a special disciple, to preserve and spread the art of gōngfu in the United States. Sifu Leung Wei attended many Martial arts Seminars and Tournaments with great results. Sifu Leung Wei trained under Sigung: Leung Shan Hu, Sifu Rafael Rivero, Sifu Didier Beddar. and Grandmaster Rudy Lams, and Sifu Diego de Souza a former student of grandmaster Roger C. Soo.

Sifu Leung Zhang Wei is a certified instructor in the following styles:

  • Mao Ying Kuen

  • Wing Chun

  • Shuai Chiao - Kuaijiao

  • Sanda - Third Duan

  • Taiji Quan Yang/Chen - Qi Gong/Nei Gong

  • Jeet Kune Do

Also, some other requisites:

  • Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice - FIU

  • Minor in Theology - FIU

  • Security Officer Certified

  • Armed Security Officer Certified

  • Firearm Instructor Certified

  • Tactical Self-Defense open hands and Weapon Certified

  • Taught 3 workshops in Brazil, in 2019 and 2022


School Location: San Francisco, California- USA

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Sifu Leung Dong Li   梁东力


Sifu Leung Dong Li (Alessio Cortani) has been studying Martial Arts for over 35 years. He started with the five animal forms Hung Gar, Kenpo, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Yang/ Qi Gong, and Wudang Tai Chi. In 2000, Sifu Alessio became a Sifu in the Lineage of Pam Nam Wing Chun and Yip man's Wing Chun as well. Sifu Leung Dong Li has participated in many seminars along with many of the most famous masters in Europe. He participates in Martial Arts Tournaments obtaining great results. 

Sifu Leung Dong Li studied and is certified in Medical Qigong, TCM, White Crane Gong Fu, Dim Mak Pressure Point. Recently, Sifu Leung Dong Li became instructor certified in Jeet Kune Do under master Rivero in Italy. Sifu Leung Dong Li founded the Qigong system based on a new perception of the body. The Qigong system is adaptable to self-defense because it uses techniques of animal styles but in an innovative manner. The name of the system is the Cortani Combat System or Energy Evolution and Animal Flow Combat. Recently, Sifu Leung Dong Li became a student of Sifu Leung Wei Zhang Lu who also practiced Mao Ying Kuen Kung Fu.

School Location: Imperia- Italy

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Sigung Leung Shan Hu  梁山虎

Sigung Leung Shan Hu (Edvalson F. dos Santos) started his martial arts training under Si Tai Gung Leung Jiu Mao at Mao Ying Kuen Kung fu Academy on March 10th of 1986. After two years of training, he became a special student and achieved the level of instructor level 1.  


Sigung Leung Shan Hu has a predominant style, the tiger claw kung fu, which he learned under his Sifu. Also, he performs other styles like the southern dragon kung fu, Chinese karate, and the southern cat kung fu fist, among several other weapons and Qi Gong breathing exercises.


During his martial arts career training, he competed in several martial arts tournaments always collecting and achieving first place, even in 1997 in a “Vale tudo” fighting competing in Ibirapuera Sao Paulo.

Knowing several styles in the kung fu system is due to the fact of exchanging knowledge through the students and instructors He used to practice with several other instructors and among them, they exchange training methods, knowledge, and breathing exercises. The secret of having a good Kung fu is sharing what you know, to improve what you have.

School Location: Osasco, Sao Paulo - Brazil

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Sifu Leung Cheng Hui    梁成慧

Sifu Leung Cheng Hui (Jaccobo Marroquin) has over 20 years of experience in Martial Arts. Sifu Leung Cheng started his training under Sifu Ruben Herrera back in 1999 learning the Tai Chi Yang Style. Years later in Colima, Mexico, he joined the Wing Tsun School Tao Shen Kwoon Martial Arts School. Also, Sifu Leung Cheng has been a member of the Sholdum School since 2010. Sifu Leung Cheng was a member of EBMAS in Mexico. Sifu Leung Cheng is a Certified Kinesiologist, and Masseuse therapist. He also uses energy healing as a part of his therapy. He is a member of two other organizations: 

  • Catch Wrestling Mexico

  • Yang Tai Chi Chuan Taiyon School

Nowadays, Sifu Leung Cheng Hui practices the Mao Ying Kuen Kung fu, and represents the Federation in Jalisco, Mexico

School Location: Jalisco - Mexico

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Sifu Leung Ling Long   梁灵龙 

Sifu Leung Ling Long (Felipe Ramos) started his training on June 18th of 2002 under Sigung Leung Shan Hu in Osasco, Sao Paulo-Brazil. He collected many 1st place medals participating in many martial arts completions in Brazil. In 2007 Sifu Long became sifu’s Shang hu special student and oldest student, he helped to teach classes in the main school location in Osasco.


In 2009 Sifu Long became black belt instructor certified, which he took the exam with three other kung fu brothers and successfully passed. In 2010, Sifu Long took over the main school in Osasco to help Sigung Leung Shan Hu. Also, he taught classes in three other different locations until 2013.


In 2016, Sifu Long graduated with a black belt 3rd Degree. In 2020, He founded the Leung Ling Long Kung Fu Association, and he is also Vice-President of Mao Ying Kuen International Federation.


Also, some other requisites:

  • Radiology Technician Degree

  • Masters Degree in Science by the University of Sao Paulo

  • Bachelor's degree in Physical Education 

School Location: Butantã, Sao Paulo - Brazil


Sifu Leung Ying Zhao   梁鹰爪

Sifu Leung Ying Zhao (Leonardo Leme) started his martial arts training in 2000 when he was 9 years old, training in Karate Ryu Karate-Do Shotokan. A few years later he decided to pursue his training with Kung Fu at the age of 17, on March 17, 2009, under Sigung Willams Lima in Avare Sao Paulo - Brazil. Sifu Leung Ying graduated as a black belt on December 25, 2016, after over 7 years of traditional martial arts training.

Among the Kung Fu Styles, the southern eagle claw is the style he most adapted to. One of his expertise is the fan weapon.

Also, some other requisites:

  • Physical Education Bachelor Degree


School Location: Avaré, Sao Paulo-Brazil

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Sifu Lidio Fernandes

Sifu Lidio Fernandes started his martial arts training at the age of 8 years old, after 2 years of practicing he had to stop for some time. He returned to practice martial arts at the age of 17 and after 5 years of training he graduated as a black belt instructor in the Mao Ying Kuen gōngfu style. At the age of 23 he started Hapkido and after many years of training  he became a black belt first Duan.


Sifu Lidio has always had a passion for martial arts, he ended up training several different styles like Boxing for 8 years reaching the level of instructor, Tae Kwon Do, reaching the blue belt, he also trained Muay Thai with the Insider team for approximately 2 years, and Jiu-Jitsu for 4 years, reaching the blue belt, and finally Judo with the local competition team for the city of Osasco — São Paulo, Brazil.


In 2012 Sifu Lidio started to focus his training on Sanda, and today he is one of the greatest Brazilian athletes in this sport, having won 12 titles in the "Paulista championship", 10 times Brazilian champion, 7 times international champion, and more than 15 times champion in the Brazil Cup. Sifu Lidio also has Brazilian champion students at the Pan-American in which he also takes part as a coach and affiliated with CBKW, the largest Wushu and Sanda federation in Brazil.


Sifu Lidio also has a degree in Accounting Sciences from college, and today he has his own martial arts training center called CTAP (High Performance Training Center) in Osasco — São Paulo. Also, Sifu Lidio Fernandes has over 28 years of experience in martial arts, and is more than qualified to train and prepare Mao Ying Kuen International Federation athletes for competitions, and official representative of the federation in the Sanda sport.

Instructor certified:

  • Hapkido

  • Boxe

  • Kung Fu

  • Sanda

School Location: Osasco, Sao Paulo-Brazil

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Moon-To Renan Pietro​

Instructor Renan Pietro started his training in the year 2000 with his father Sifu Marciel Rodrigues. He learned Hung Gar Kuen, from the lineage of Li Hon Ki. At 12 years old, he reached the level of brown sash, but unfortunately, he had to stop his training. When he moved to Sao Paulo, he met Sigung Leung Shan Hu and started to practice the Mao Ying Kuen Kung fu. Eventually,  he decided to finish the Mao Ying Kuen Kung Fu as a student of Sifu Leung Wei. He became Leung Wei’s special student in 2018.

Also, some other requisites:

  • Hung Gar Kuen (Li Hon Ki) - Brown Sash 

  • Mao Ying Kuen Kung Fu ( Leung Wing Hang) - Red Sash

  • Ninjutsu (Kohga Ha Kurokawa Ryu) - Black Belt

  • Kenjutsu (Clã Yamamoto) - Black Belt  5º Degree

  • Jeet Kune Do (taky Kimura)  JKB - Black Belt

School Location: Osasco, Sao Paulo-Brazil

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