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During the illustrious Qing Dynasty, in the Southern Shaolin temple, a group of remarkable martial artists known as "The Five Intercessors" dedicated themselves to the development and refinement of the Southern Kung Fu style. Based on the five animal styles, one of them decided to implement the cat fist, after seeing a cat fighting against a snake. These skilled individuals recognized the inherent grace and power of the feline form and sought to channel its essence into their combat techniques.

One of these exceptional monks, whose Cantonese name was 鄭文豪 (Jeng Man Ho), immersed himself in the teachings and practices of the Southern Shaolin temple. As an ardent disciple, he delved deep into the study of the cat fist style, diligently training under the guidance of the other Four Intercessors. With unwavering determination, 鄭文豪 (Jeng Man Ho) honed his skills, mastering the intricate footwork, lightning-fast strikes, and seamless transitions that characterized the cat fist Kung Fu. 


Jeng Man Ho

Years later, 鄭文豪 (Jeng Man Ho) emerged as a highly esteemed and accomplished practitioner of the cat fist style caled Mao Ying Kuen (猫形拳). Renowned for his unparalleled agility and formidable technique, he became a respected Hung Kuen master, imparting his knowledge to future generations.

Under the tutelage of 鄭文豪 (Jeng Man Ho), the cat fist Kung Fu flourished within the Hung Kuen lineage. Hung Hei Kun, a talented disciple and heir to 鄭文豪 (Jeng Man Ho)'s teachings, carried forward the legacy of the cat fist style. Hung Hei Kun not only mastered the intricate movements of the cat fist but also imbued the art with his own unique insights, further enriching its depth and effectiveness, he only kept to himself, there is no trace that he passed down to his students. 

Today, the name 鄭文豪 (Jeng Man Ho) lives on as a testament to the rich martial arts heritage of the Qing Dynasty and the Southern Shaolin temple. His contributions, along with those of his fellow Intercessors, played a pivotal role in preserving and advancing the cat fist Kung Fu style, ensuring its enduring legacy and impact on the martial arts world. 

During his travels, Jeng Man Ho arrives in Hubei, where he encounters a highly skilled kung fu master named Liu Zhi Hua (廖志華). Recognizing Liu Zhi Hua's immense potential, Jeng Man Ho decides to share his knowledge and secrets of the Mao Ying Kuen Kung Fu Fist, also known as the Cat Shaped Fist style.

Under Jeng Man Ho's tutelage, Liu Zhi Hua embarks on a transformative journey, diligently learning and mastering the intricacies of the Mao Ying Kuen style. Inspired by his mentor's teachings, Liu Zhi Hua goes on to develop a unique variation of the cat fist style, unifying all 5 animal styles together with the cat fist known as the "Five Gates Kung Fu Fist" or "Hei Ng Mun in cantonese, or Chi Wu Men in mandarin."  


The Five Gates Kung Fu Fist combines the swift and fluid movements of the cat fist with additional elements drawn from Liu Zhi Hua's own experiences and insights. The style incorporates five Shaolin animal elements, each representing a different aspect of combat and personal growth. This style draws its roots from the fundamental principles and techniques of the five animal styles, which include the tiger, crane, leopard, snake, and dragon. However, it distinguishes itself by emphasizing the cat fist as its primary and signature style.These gates encompass techniques focusing on agility, strength, adaptability, precision, and inner harmony.


In truth, the Chi Wu Men Kung Fu Fist, particularly its distinct variation known as the Hei Ng Mun or Chi Wu Men style, remained veiled in profound secrecy. The treasured knowledge and techniques of this style were carefully guarded and exclusively passed down within Liu Zhi Hua's family lineage. Through Liu Zhi Hua's unwavering dedication and innovative practices, the Hei Ng Mun style gained significant renown in Hubei and even beyond its borders. Martial artists from diverse backgrounds yearned to learn from him, drawn by the allure of uncovering the hidden secrets and reaping the extraordinary benefits concealed within the enigmatic Five Gates Kung Fu Fist.

Information from the book "The Legend of the five intercessors" chap 3 -4   "五位倚天之遺產"



Liu Zhi Hua

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